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Our group is a mix of new and seasoned homeschoolers. Some of us started at the beginning of our children's school years, others during the pandemic and some tried public school for a while and decided it wasn't the right fit for their family. 

We often get asked what requirements there are to homeschool in Washington, how to get started and which curriculums to explore. This is a space we wanted to provide those looking for support. We are not experts and each family has to decide what is right for their kids and lifestyle, but hoping the following suggestions are helpful as you begin your own journey. 

  • Our first piece of advice is to try not to get too overwhelmed with the homeschooling requirements, curriculums or even try to replicate school at home. 


  • The Washington Homeschool Organization is the best place to learn accurate information about the law and find resources.

  • The Homeschool Mom is a wealth of information all about getting started, deschooling (if necessary) and more.

  • Discovering what kind of homeschool style best suits your family can help narrow down which curriculums to research and what type of schedule or family rhythm you'd like to follow.

  • Our resources and gear tabs are filled with books, curriculums, favorite tried-and-true brands, and other links that have been invaluable to our homeschooling journeys. 


  • Lastly, finding community has been the key to the success of our homeschool days. Having friends that understand, support and encourage you is so important. 

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