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A Tale of Unicorns

The Forest Explorers was formed by two moms that were not only looking for connection for their kids but also, for themselves. They envisioned a community of homeschooling moms that started out with little kids that could grow together into the teen years. They believe growth, learning and friendships will strengthen when we have met each other on harder days when we need more support from one another.

Let's be honest, the homeschooling community can be tough. It's hard to find your people and even harder to find the ones that want to show up week to week when the weather turns or life gets busy
. There's so many options these days for homeschoolers and also, lots of opinions. 

What we all have in common is a desire to be seen where we are. Whether we are unschooling, following a rigid schedule or somewhere in between, we want a community that supports us, helps us and encourages us.


Within our group is a variety of moms that inspire us and motivate us. Moms that do things differently than we do, giving us a new perspective. Moms that lift us up when we're hitting a rough patch or remind us to slow down when we've taken on too much. 

We know that our kids are watching us. How we interact with one another is guiding their relationships with each other. Each month we have a moms-only activity to build upon our friendships.

Hiking, backpacking, taking classes to learn new skills, reading books, meeting for coffee and yoga classes are examples of the types of activities we are doing together.

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