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  • What is a Forest School co-op?
    We are a homeschool community inspired by the unique approach to outdoor learning. We are not a school, nor do we employ teachers. The group is led by moms and each one has a voice within the group and is responsible for their child(ren).
  • Are you a preschool or drop-off program? What ages are the kids?
    No, we are neither. We are a committed group of homeschoolers that hope to grow together for years to come. All moms are expected to take on an active role within the group and stay on site supporting their kids. We are only taking on families that plan to homeschool long-term. We are geared towards kids 6-13 years old.
  • How are families selected to join?
    We are actively looking for older kids to balance out our group. We are committed to keeping our kids outside throughout the teen years and only considering families that are adventurous, planning to homeschool long-term and seeking community. Please see our enrollment page for more information on joining.
  • Do you meet in inclement weather? What is the schedule?
    We meet in all types of weather with the exception of unsafe weather conditions such as icy roads or if there is a heavy smoke advisory. We don't believe in bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Our group stays connected year-round with our "class" days on Tuesdays running from September-early June. Our hours are typically 10am-12pm however, we do extend some of our Thursdays depending on the location.
  • Are you religious or secular based?
    Every family in our group is unique and has its own religion, parenting and homeschool styles. Families of all beliefs are accepted in our group. There will be times that belief in God is expressed at our events (e.g. prayer for friends, holiday parties). No singular religion or doctrine will be taught.
  • Do you use a curriculum or cover any subjects?
    We often pull from multiple nature-based curriculums and there are lessons that cover parts of subjects such as science, nature, art and more. We do not cover any subjects thoroughly. Starting in the 2024-2025 year we will be following a wilderness curriculum that teaches outdoor survival skills including: fire and shelter building, first aid, woodcraft, outdoor cooking, ropes, water safety and more.
  • What kind of commitment is expected?
    We are looking for long-term connections. We believe that growth, learning and friendships will be strengthened by having consistent families with us year after year. It is necessary for each family to offer full participation and to be committed to the overall success of the co-op.
  • What is the tuition and what does it cover?
    Each enrolled family will pay two tuition fees each year. Please see the enrollment page for more information.
  • What types of hikes and field trips do you do?
    Most of our hikes and field trips are outdoors and nature based. We typically travel within 30-45 minutes of Snohomish, but do aspire to tackle more challenging hikes or attend new and exciting field trips that require a further drive once a month on average. We have a wide range of ages and a goal of building tolerance, stamina and strength over time.
  • Are Dads able to join?
    Our vision has always been to create a group of like-minded moms. We want our kids to see the resiliency and strength that we have by showing up in rough weather or hard hikes without needing the dads to carry the load or watch over the group. We recognize that dads have a lot to offer, and we’ve strived to find ways to include them throughout the year.
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